Today, BSK is one of the best East Indian jewellery firm, situated in Kolkata city. Upholding a heritage for almost 50 years BSK, is synonymous with couture, traditional & contemporary jewellery. Blending Indian craftsmanship with diamonds, gems & stones, we have earned admiration for crafting masterpieces of rare beauty & timeless elegance.

Our designs have stayed true to India’s ancient heritage. But that doesn’t mean we focus on the past. Our eyes are clearly on the future. We use a state of the art manufacturing unit that brings cutting edge innovation to jewellery making, putting the art and purity of the jewel above all else. Over the years, our designs mirrored the tastes of Indian people & the trust they place in our name.

BSK has always cherished the importance of the heritage, style & innovation. The brands impeccable quality has allowed the business to grow at pat with international standards of designing & manufacturing & stringent quality control measures.